We've applied Aerocoat to over 70 aircraft in the UK, Europe and USA, perfecting the process across general aviation before
expanding into the corporate jet market.

It's why our aircraft surface engineering expertise is seen as number one in European aviation.

We are also the official surface engineering partner for ASG (Aircraft Servicing Guernsey), serving their general aviation clients in the Channel Islands and across continental Europe.

The reality is that aircraft paint degrades and oxidises over time due to UV exposure and surface defects caused by water.

The result is loss of sheen, discolouration and a tired appearance with the aircraft dropping in performance levels, generating reduced responsiveness and a declining fuel economy.

Not only does Aerocoat provide the ultimate in asset protection but it restores and retains aircraft paintwork to the original factory finish, guaranteed for three years. 

It means that pre-owned aircraft that date back 30/40 years like Piper and Cessna can look as good as the day they were built.

Not only that but Aerocoat repairs and protects against UV damage while forming a barrier against corrosion. 

Aerocoat will also eliminate boundary layer drag meaning aircraft will fly at the true factory specification.

Owners will see an improvement against their previous ground speed post-Aerocoat and a reduction in fuel burn. 

Just click here to read our Commander 114B Aerocoat analysis.




























General Aviation

UV damaged wing surface (left) on a Mooney M20J aircraft with Aerocoat on the right. 

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