TBM 700 owner, John George, asked Aerocoat to help with the eflux marks down the side of his 2-PLAY aircraft as he was having to spend £10,000 a month on maintenance including paintwork cleaning.

John was having to clean the aircraft after six hours of flying time due to the black marks against the white paint.

Due to John's prior commitments, Aerocoat had just six hours with the aircraft.

Eflux marks on arrival at Aerocoat HQ

Same area after Aerocoat has been applied

Paul applies the Aerocoat process

2-PLAY aircraft after Aerocoat application

2-PLAY after SEVEN hours of flying time

Other side of 2-PLAY after SEVEN hours of flying time


After seven hours of flying time Aerocoat had reduced the eflux marks by 80%.

John George was given a bottle of our Aerocoat Aftercare and said that the remaining soot washed away without any issue at all when applied, cutting down on cleaning costs and buying himself more flying time.

John has confirmed that he will bring the aircraft back to Aerocoat to give us more time to work on the TBM 700.