One of our clients is Richard Jowitt, an Airbus pilot in the UK who flies a Rockwell Commander 114B.

He brought the Commander to us for Aerocoat in September 2017 and here’s his professional analysis of
Aerocoat 18 months later.

The aircraft is still gleaming in Aerocoat and there’s no doubt that the finish really turns heads as it enhances an already beautiful aeroplane.

What was immediately apparent is that the aircraft is faster than before.

I would say that it amounts to six or seven knots IAS in the lower levels.

What it means to me practically is that I fly more economically using 20-21 inches to achieve 140kt TAS at 4-6000ft
rather than the book figures of 23-24 inches.

This equates to a 1-2 gallons per hour saving.

Bear in mind that Commander performance figures are notoriously optimistic, so the benefit of Aerocoat is better than even this appears.

Descent planning is affected by the Aerocoat as well.

An extra couple of miles are needed to slow down into the circuit thanks to the slippery finish.

Dropping the gear early would work but seems such a shame.

Thanks again for your service and superb product.

Richard Jowitt - Airbus and Commander 114B pilot

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