Aerocoat aircraft interior helps to eliminate stains from carpet and upholstery meaning jet owners can travel in comfort knowing that in-flight liquid spillages won’t result in expensive cleaning and maintenance costs.

Perfect for the charter jet market, our interior process has already been applied to a $66m Gulfstream G650.

Red wine spilt on a carpeted surface that hasn’t been treated by Aerocoat will quickly seep through the material and create a permanent stain.

Aerocoat creates a barrier between the material and liquid ensuring spillages cannot penetrate the surface and seep through.

Aerocoat is anti-bacterial and anti-mould meaning it can be applied across the aircraft kitchen and restroom areas.

Can also be applied to stone and wood surfaces ensuring a “new from the factory” style appearance
on board jets at all times.

Watch Aerocoat Interior in action via the video below: