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Gulfstream G200

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Agusta 109S

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EC155 B1

Gulfstream G200
Gulfstream G200



We are surface engineering experts and number one in Europe for the application of nano technology across
corporate jets and general aviation.

Aerocoat is a process not a product and provides a high performance surface science using nano-composite materials.

We have worked on over 70 aircraft in the UK, Europe and USA and produce the same fantastic results time after time.

Aerocoat will reboot and retain aircraft surfaces to new, repair and protect against UV damage and reduce boundary layer drag for
better fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions.


• Long term Gloss and Colour retention to new paint.

• Restores contaminated paint finishes to new performance with glass like appearance.

• Provides hydrophobic qualities for resistance to water ingress/oxidation and insect impact.

• Reduces boundary layer drag back to new aircraft performance or better.

• Reduces fuel burn and lowers carbon emissions for aircraft owners and jet operators 

• Resists UV attack, burn off point is 900 degrees.

• Changes Perspex to glass like hydrophobic material.

• Provides hard wearing scratch resistance coat.

• Oleophobic to keep underbelly areas clean from oil breather.

• Surfaces are resistant to icing on leading edges.

• Does not affect weight and balance on aircraft


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