2-PLAY, a Daher-Socata TBM 700 aircraft based in the Channel Islands, was brought to Aerocoat due to the owner having to wash his aircraft after every six hours of flying time.

The main issue was the efflux soot line that would appear down the side due to the positioning of the jet engine exhaust ducts.

The following results were achieved after having the aircraft at our hangar for an eight hour period - normal working time for Aerocoat application is four days minimum.

Aerocoat was applied to the prop, spinner, exhaust cowlings, nose and main fuselage plus the front screen, side windows and wing tops closest to the body of the aircraft.  

As a result, Aerocoat improved the cleaning time to every 12 hours of flying time and reduced the efflux soot line by 80%. 

The video in the collection of images below shows how easy it is to remove the efflux marks from the surface with Aerocoat already applied to the aircraft.

Due to the success of the project, 2-PLAY has just been back to our hangar for the full Aerocoat process. 

We now await the new and improved results to the cleaning time of 2-PLAY.